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Consulting and development in MadCap Flare

MAD Certified ConsultantUA Europe offers a full range of consultancy and development services for MadCap Flare.

We can save you time and money by:

  • Advising on architectural issues such as number of projects, project structure, global project linking, and source control
  • Ensuring the smooth migration to Flare from other authoring tools
  • Setting up basic project infrastructure including style sheet(s), master page(s), skin, page layouts, conditions, variables, and targets
  • Creating templates and global projects
  • Using advanced CSS and JavaScript to customise skins beyond what is possible within the Flare UI
  • Importing content from other formats such as MS Word

Use the contact form below to let us know your potential requirements, and we will be happy to discuss these with you and to provide a no-obligation quote for the work.

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Two new fixed-priced services for 2018

UA Europe is currently offering two new services that provide highly cost-effective quick ways of significantly enhancing your Flare projects.

Fixed fee for each service: £699 GBP (or £1,200 GBP for both services if they are purchased together).

Implementing "pages at a glance" topics

In his I'd Rather Be Writing blog, Tom Johnson recently coined the phrase pages at a glance. They are a way of helping users get a quick understanding of the information available within a section of the TOC, without slogging through the details of each page. Tom stresses that the overviews should contain brief summaries of each page and not just a list of the page titles (which is already visible from the sidebar TOC).

UA Europe has developed a way of automatically creating these "pages at a glance" topics using the text already stored in the Description field within Topic Properties. They are implemented as a combination of master page, CSS, Flexbox, and jQuery code, and the layout can be customised to suit any requirements.

Here are two screenshots showing two possible ways of presenting a "pages at a glance" topic:

Screenshot showing Directory Topic containing 7 cards with information about the child topics

Screenshot showing Directory Topic containing 7 cards with information about the child topics

...and here is how the source topic appears in Flare's XML Editor:

Screenshot showing Directory Topic in XML Editor consisting of a single paragraph of text

Please note:

  • The automated "pages at a glance" layout can be applied quickly and easily to all topics that have child topics within the TOC.
  • The descriptions within the "pages at a glance" topics are sourced automatically from the Descriptions entered within the Topic Properties of the individual child topics. These Descriptions are also used by MadCap Search.
  • In the second screenshot, the size and layout of the cards containing the page descriptions are completely responsive. This means that the cards rearrange themselves automatically on different sizes of screen.

UA Europe can help you to implement these Directory Topics within your own Flare project. You are able to specify the required layout and design of your "pages at a glance" topics, including the colour and other design aspects of the cards. This service comprises:

  • Initial analysis of your project, and discussion about the required look-and-feel of the "pages at a glance" topics
  • Custom development of the required files (Master Page for Stem Topics, style sheet, JavaScript file), taking account of your existing project files and your required design for the "pages at a glance" topics
  • One hour of Web-based handover training
  • One year's technical support by email (relating specifically to the "pages at a glance" topics)
  • Ongoing maintenance that guarantees the correct behaviour of the "pages at a glance" topics into the next major release of MadCap Flare (including subsequent service releases).

Fixed fee: £699 GBP

Migrating to Flare 2018

We will ensure the smooth migration of one of your projects to Flare 2018, and help you to understand and fully exploit the important new features in this new release of Flare.

UA Europe will provide:

  • Two hours of web-based training on the new and changed features in Flare 2018. This interactive session will include discussion of how the new features relate to your own specific situation and objectives
  • One day of development time to migrate one of your existing projects to Flare 2018 and provide advice in the form of a written report on taking advantage of new features.

Fixed fee: £699 GBP

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