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Specialists in
User Assistance

Consulting in User Assistance strategies, tools and techniques

UA Europe offers a full range of consultancy and development services in the areas of eLearning and Software User Assistance.

We can help you to plan your Software User Assistance strategy by:

  • Advising on the best delivery mechanisms, which may include Help systems, Wikis, Knowledgebases, and User Forums
  • Helping you to decide whether DITA or another XML-based solution is right for your organisation
  • Providing guidance on the selection of Help Authoring Tools and Content Management Systems
  • Designing Help systems, and providing templates for ongoing development
  • Converting legacy content such as Word documents and FrameMaker books

We also offer a range of specialist consulting and development services for MadCap Flare.

More information about MadCap Flare services

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We can help with your eLearning development by:

  • Working with you to define your eLearning strategy
  • Advising on the best tools and technologies
  • Creating templates and prototypes that will make your eLearning more professional and far quicker to develop
  • Developing eLearning modules

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